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KEYA was founded in 1965 as a lock manufacturer. In those days, the production was focused on cam locks for furniture manufacturers. After this first period, following the emerging needs of the market in those days, we decided to start a new product line: the well-known KEYA coin locks.

Now, after 50 years of designing and manufacturing cam and coin locks at KEYA, wecome to a new strategic decision: we wanted to offer a complete solution for locker management. At this point we decided to develop a complete range of electronic locks.

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Why do we manufacture
locks for lockers and furniture?

At KEYA, we strongly believe that the locker management can be highly improved through the locking devices.

Locker rooms, office furniture, etc. can be more than that. They can become an experience of design, comfort and technology for both users and managers.

We want to bring the innovation to the day to day experiences of people.

How we do it?

In KEYA we have always been focused on covering the new market requirements and meeting our customer’s expectancies by through constant innovation.

At KEYA, we strongly believe that a close collaboration and constant communication with our customers brings us the opportunity to innovate and adapt our products in order to provide not only an innovative but also a practical solution for locker management.

What we do?

At KEYA, we design and manufacture locksequipped with the latest technology.

Followingour KEYA industrial strategy both the complete design process and the production of our locks are beingdone at our facilities located at Rubi (Barcelona).

Thanks to this, our company is nowadays in position tooffer a remarkable degree of flexibility and reliabilityto our customers.

To achieve the above to this Quality Policy of an efficient, the established way is the correct application of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015, together with the rules and legal requirements for continuous improvement of our management system.

We keep advancing in innovation!

Presentation of electronic locks for furniture

Leadership and Trust

We have offered solutions in mechanical and electronic locks for furniture, generating the confidence of large companies such as:


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