Complete locker management by RFID

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Tronic MIFARE® allows total control of lockers by using the most widely recognised RFID technology. Tronic MIFARE® is provided with an optional management software and table reader. This complete solution allows facility managers to remotely create/delete tags, limit/control the time of use and read the last events, locker number, battery level, user ID, etc.
All parameters of the lock (multi/single user modes, red LED signal closed position, volume of acoustic signal, automatic opening time, user and master tags, etc) can be easily programed by using the electronic settings card.
With up to 5 master cards and 50 user cards per lock, Tronic MIFARE® is a complete locker management solution. Although it can also be integrated in most of the existing access controls
MIFARE Classic® Technology, 1k 4k 13.56 Mhz
Single/ Multiuser
Facility management card
5 master cards
Wet environments
Low battery indication
4 standard AA batteries
Automatic opening time
Red LED signal in closed position
Acoustic signal volume (high – low – off)


Batteries can be damaged after long periods of time installed and can damage the lock, especially in very hot environments.

Do not clean the locks with cleaning products with Hydrochloric acid, lye or corrosive components, especially on the metallic parts.

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Left, Right


Kit conexión

connection kit

Contiene: software de programación, para la cerradura y cables de conexión.

Includes: management software fot the lock and cable connection.


Batería de emergencia

emergency battery




















Muñequera mifare rojo

red Mifare bracelet




Software con lector grabador

software with table reader/writer


Es usado para leer/escribir información de las tarjetas y muñequeras junto con el software, el lector de tarjetas es un accesorio esencial para lograr una gestión completa de su instalación.

El uso del lector permite la gestión desde un lugar remoto (como por ejemplo la recepcion).

  • Crear y eliminar tarjetas de gestión/master/usuario
  • Leer información relevante de la tarjeta (número de taquilla, ID de usuario, nivel de batería…)
  • Asignar usuarios a las taquillas con limitación horaria (horas/días/meses)
  • Leer los últimos eventos de las cerraduras
  • Leer la configuración de la cerradura
  • Crear tarjetas de parámetros para modificar la configuración de la cerradura


Is used to read/write information from/to cards and bracelets. In conjuntion with the software, the table reader is an essential accessory to achieve a complete management of RFID installations.


The use of the table reader allows management functions from a remote place (i.e, reception desk) such a

  • Create and delete management/master/user tags (with limited time)
  • Read relevant information from the lag (locker Nr., user ID, battery level)
  • Assign users to locks, limiting time of use (hours/days/months)
  • Read last events of the locks
  • Read all settings from locks
  • Create SETTINGS CARD to modify the configuration of the locks



Tronic infoterminal


El Terminal de información es un punto de información autónomo para los usuarios. Mayoritariamente se usa para que los usuarios lean sus tarjetas y muñequeras para saber cuál es el número de taquilla


The infoterminal is as am autonomous information point for users. It is mainly used by clients to read their cards and bracelets to and know their locker number